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Transform your HR department into a lean – and effective – hiring machine.

Does your organization have a chronic issue finding (and/or keeping) talented employees? We can help. In a private, intensive full day or half day session (your choice) with our CEO and her team, you’ll receive a diagnosis of exactly what’s going wrong, and a detailed Rx for how to hire and retain better - starting immediately.


hiring isn’t easy

“Hiring fails” can be incredibly costly and disruptive (and yes, oftentimes, both.) An unqualified hire creates more problems than they solve. A toxic employee has very real impact on a company’s culture. Even a great person who simply turns out not to be the right fit creates headaches when he or she leaves the company after only a few months.

Allowing the right people in the door, and preventing the wrong people from ever getting in, is critical to the success of any company (and the sanity of its owners and executives.)

Hiring is complicated, and it’s important to make the right decisions as often as possible. But how?


we’ve got it down to a science

We’ve been in the hiring business a long time. The good, the bad, and the ugly - we’ve seen, heard, and lived it all firsthand. Perfect matches made in Heaven? Yup! Awful hires that made us cringe? You bet… and everything in-between, too.

Our team as spent years examining thousands of hires, and the circumstances surrounding them. We’ve crunched a lot of data. As a result, we’ve developed a real-world analysis of what differentiates amazing hires from mediocre ones (and, of course, the fails.) While each case study has been unique, they all echo identical patterns. And those patterns provide a foolproof roadmap to consistently selecting GREAT hires.


why pay recruiter fees when a 90% success rate can be yours, too?

Our firm has a 90% success rate placing candidates in roles where they thrive long-term. That’s neither an accident, nor a coincidence. We do it by following a precise formula - one that you, too, can easily learn and apply.

We’ve taken our hiring roadmap and turned it into a 10-point training that is taught in person to HR and leadership teams just like yours. The material is simple enough to begin executing right away, yet profound enough that you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your hiring results. In less than 1 day, you will have clear, specific instructions on how to course correct your hiring and/or retention issues - permanently.

Are you ready to stop paying recruiter fees and empower your team to hire and retain effectively? If so, we’d love to help you do just that. Contact us today.

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