Hiring talented professionals is a true investment – and it’s important to choose the right partner.


We believe that's us. The proof is in our data: 90% of our closed placements are successful long-term.


the analysis

We'll start with an in-depth conversation going far deeper than, “tell me about your opening.” During this initial phase, you will tell us about the nuances of the position, what has worked (or hasn't worked) in the past, why the role is open, your vision of the ideal candidate, your must haves, your deal breakers, your past experiences with recruiters, and more. We will also discuss your company more broadly, covering topics such as the culture, the environment, and what makes it an appealing place to work.

These initial discussions are always with our CEO, Jackie Ducci. They occur in person whenever possible.


the search

Armed with information, we get right to work identifying and contacting great candidates on your behalf. We don't do job boards – we source and “headhunt" specific professionals who match your ideal criteria, and who have a high probability of thriving in your organization for the long term. Our in-house process consists of multiple interviews (never just one), as well as a behavioral assessment to ensure that each candidate is a strong match before we present them to you. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication, and will check in with you often. If we have questions or need further insight from you, we’ll pick up the phone immediately.

You will always know exactly where we are in the search process.




We know our process works, and that our recruiting team is the best out there. So, we'll offer you a one year guarantee on all exclusive searches.  Less than 3% of recruitment firms worldwide offer a guarantee this long, and we are one of them. We stand behind our candidates.


Jackie, it has been a true pleasure working with you to fill our senior management position. Your expertise in promptly identifying only the most qualified candidates without a flood of resumes and endless follow-through has been a total breath of fresh air (in a world filled with less than reputable recruiters!)