12 Late-Stage Interview Faux Pas That Could Cost You The Job

Candidates often believe that playing it cool will make them more attractive to employers. In reality, it is a terrible strategy. Interview processes are long and arduous. Hiring managers want a quick and enthusiastic "yes" from their top candidate once they have reached the final stage. But when an offer is met with indifference (think comments such as, "I need a few days to think it over" and/or "I have other offers on the table"), it is a massive turnoff. From the employer's perspective, extending a job offer is kind of like proposing marriage. Imagine being down on one knee, presenting a ring, only to be told by the potential spouse that they can't accept right away because they have other suitors out there and they need to think about it. It sounds silly, but it's true. - Jackie DucciDucci & Associates

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