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The Most Common Reasons Candidates Reject Job Offers (& How You Can Prevent It!)

Sure, being late to an interview or a delay in responding to a candidate might be a rare thing for you, but the candidate you drop the ball on doesn’t know that. If you don’t take care to make the first impression a good one, it could also be your last. Lengthy interview processes are a particularly common candidate complaint.

“Perhaps they’re put through the wringer of endless interviews with various ‘decision makers’… Or, perhaps they have a reasonable number of interviews, but then the employer ghosts them for weeks and suddenly an offer pops up out of nowhere. Either way, long interview processes never leave a good impression,” says Jackie Ducci, CEO and founder of Ducci & Associates. “In fact, they often cause candidates to worry that the firm is inefficient in their processes, indecisive in their decision-making, etc., and this turns them off from the company completely. They may also feel put off if they don’t feel that the company is excited about hiring them.”

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