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Five Ways to Flunk a Phone Interview

Speaking without thinking: Dialogue is the most important element of any phone conversation, so choose your words wisely. "Your voice and choice of words are really the only aspect of who you are that the employer can use to gauge whether or not they like you," notes Ducci. "Be articulate of course, but also cognizant of expressing some personality and enthusiasm while you are speaking. The high-energy, friendly candidates are far more likely to excel in a phone interview."

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Four Ways Recruiters Assess Recent College Graduates

Have Realistic Expectations: It is very common for new graduates to form unrealistic expectations about their first job. Jackie Ducci, President and Professional Recruiter of recruitment firm Ducci & Associates, notes: "It is amazing to us how many young college grads enter the work force with an air of entitlement. Many have an inflated sense of self, and unrealistic expectations as to how much money they should be making right out of the gate. The candidates who are more humble, realistic, and have the right attitude will stand out (in a good way) every single time."

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Two Weeks Notice Tips

According to Jackie Ducci, president of New York-based boutique recruitment firm Ducci & Associates, two to three weeks is the standard notice most employers deem respectable, but employees should be prepared to depart immediately after communicating the news that they are leaving.

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