“From my very first meeting with Jackie, I had every confidence that what I was looking for in a special candidate, Jackie was going to deliver. Her unique understanding of us, the position, the process of talent acquisition, and her sincere interest in finding the perfect fit gave me great confidence that our organization would be more successful with her partnership. I have worked exclusively with two other recruiting firms over the past 25 years, and they were frankly underachievers compared to Ducci & Associates. As a result of working with Jackie and her team, I have acquired superior executive talent that has transcended any high expectation I had, and we are stronger financially as a business. Jackie’s counsel has been effective, insightful, helpful, and inspiring. Ducci & Associates is the right firm in these challenging times of talent acquisition!”

Brian Lynch
General Manager
Trump National Westchester



"Jackie, it has been a true pleasure working with you to fill our senior management position. Your expertise in promptly identifying only the most qualified candidates without a flood of resumes and endless follow-through has been a total breath of fresh air (in a world filled with less than reputable recruiters!) I will continue to use you for all of our future recruiting needs, and will highly recommend you to others based on your excellence, professionalism, integrity, and genuine desire to support your clients’ needs."

Bill Black
Spiniello Companies



"Jackie, I want to thank you for the time, patience, and effort your team expended on this search. I feel it is important to note that the experience with Ducci & Associates – and specifically with you – has been a pleasure, and the method in which this search was handled by your firm has been nothing less than First Class. I was very impressed with the immediate results and the quality of those results. It is with complete confidence that I will pursue future searches with your firm."

George Cantrell, III
VP & Managing Director
Republic Properties Corporation



"I've been consistently impressed by how Jackie's team does their homework. For them, finding the right person for the job is puzzle, and they look at all the angles. Other agencies just throw bodies at a potential employer, but this firm strives to hit the bullseye the first time, and every time."

John Boit
Melwood Global



"Jackie knows 'a person who can' for any position you throw at her; her mind is a tremendous network of who, what, where and when. An approach that is rigorous and systematized always has her leading from the front. Jackie is a great person to work with, and an even better person to know. When you need exceptional candidates for a role -- Jackie will get them."

John Young
UBS Financial Services



“What separates Ducci & Associates is their willingness to understand my needs. Jackie & Alexis have met with me personally (and even interviewed my staff!) to be sure that our future employee would fit well into the existing team. We all want our employees to play nice in the sandbox; Jackie and her team work diligently to make sure that happens.”

Joe Riga
Operations Manager
Pro-Klean Cleaning & Restoration Services



"Knowing Jackie Ducci in the recruiting business is like knowing the rock star at a concert."

Todd Elliott
Lightning Express



"The hiring decisions you make will ultimately dictate the strength of your company. Ducci & Associates distinguishes themselves in many ways, but their genuine commitment to meeting their clients' needs is at the top of the list. First they will earn your trust, then they will earn your respect, and ultimately they will earn your repeat business."

gary chestone
Chief operating officer
ducci electrical contractors, inc.



"Not only has your team been incredibly easy to work with, you have helped us to find and hire employees with just the skills and qualities we were looking for. You have always listened to our needs and personally seen to it that the candidates being sent to us were top-notch - which is no easy task considering how competitive the market is today! Thank you for everything." 

Kelsey sullivan
director of operations
consero group



"This thank you is long overdue. I've worked with your team on various projects over the year, and each time you have met and often exceeded my expectations. I appreciate you meeting my timelines and your outstanding communication skills. I have forwarded your information to some of my colleagues who may need your services. I am confident you will take as good care of them as you have me."

Washington, DC