80% of employee turnover can be linked directly to the hiring process.


We believe that good retention starts with good hiring. In our experience, companies that struggle with hiring and retention are making critical mistakes without realizing it. The good news is, they are entirely preventable once you know what they are. Are you having trouble attracting or retaining talented employees for key positions? If so, we can fix it by teaching you how you hire better (and smarter).


the audit

Our CEO makes an in-person, often multi-day visit to your company. During this phase, she puts her investigative skills to work – diving into every aspect of hiring and retention within your organization. Her agenda involves interviewing your executive team, hiring team, and other relevant employees, conducting behavioral assessments, and general analysis of the situation. 


the report

We craft a custom report of our findings, and deliver it to you within one week. In a follow-up phone call with our CEO, the results are explained in detail. You will be provided with a definitive answer as to where and why your hiring retention issue exists, and action steps for how to fix it. Our report will also contain a copy of our in-house, proprietary document, How to Guarantee a Long-Term Hire, a 10-point roadmap to success when selecting new employees.

You'll learn what you've been doing right, as well as where you've been missing the mark.


the fix

You’ll walk away with clear, specific recommendations on how to course correct your hiring and retention problem - permanently. If desired, you may also hire us on an ongoing consultative basis to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively by your team.


Jackie embodies all of the qualities a company looks for in a trusted partner – integrity, intelligence, drive, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Her background, skills, and experience help her deliver tremendous value to her clients.
— M. K. – NEW YORK, NY